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Laminated Sign Letters

Acrylic & Foam Laminated Letters and GemLeaf™

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Laminated Metal Letter Samples – SlideShow

Perfectly suited for in-store displays and reception area identification, our Acrylic & Laminated Foam display letters are sleek eye-catching products designed especially for interior display. We have an array of Display Letters offer 1200 dpi full-color finishes plus additional finishes on light substrates. And remember our no-hassle warranty: Should your sign letters chip, crack or fade, we will repair or replace them free of charge so long as they were installed in an interior environment.

Laminated Acrylic and GemLeaf™ Letters

Gemini Metal Laminate on Acrylic Sign Letters
Distinct from cheaper metal-laminate sign letters made of foam and PVC, genuine Metal Laminate on Acrylic Letters will not deteriorate from exposure to the elements or pedestrian contact. With outstanding edge quality, each Laminate Letter looks superb at any distance thanks to our nonporous acrylic. These letters have an edge seal process and the use of acrylic as the substrate greatly reduces delamination.


Laminated Foam Letters

Our quality Acrylic Laminated letters begin with either .030 solid metal aluminum or 1/8″ acrylic sheets to which the selected finish or paint is applied. The sheets are laminated onto high density (12 lb/cubic foot) foam using a Bern-Lok™ lamination process. Once the sheets are laminated, they are router cut using precision CNC equipment to provide the best mechanical cut possible.

Why Buy Laminated Sign Letters?

  • In-house extrusion of sheet, guarantees the lowest possible price.
  • State of the art equipment ensures the best looking letters in the industry.
  • Laminated foam letters feature a protective ABS backer – absolutely free.
  • Hassle-free warranty: guaranteed for life when installed in an interior enviornment. is an Authorized Reseller for Gemini Incorporated.